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© Abbildung: Dräger Medical GmbH

Clients / Draeger Medical GmbH Skills Used / Ideation, Concept Development, Design Management, Surface Modeling

The advancement of the successful product „Primus“ to “Primus Infinity® Empowered“ is for the user very beneficial due to an enhanced range of functions. The Primus Infinity® Empowered is a new benchmark in terms of therapy performance, workflow support and patient safety. He provides the very well known user interface and functionality of all Draeger products. His clear and intuitive structure supports a fast learning process.

The design of the Primus Infinity® Empowered was adapted to the Draeger Medical Corporate Industrial Design. The design is not only defined by its typical „Draeger“ shape but also by the consequent use of surface and coding colors. Interactive areas are colored „Draeger Blue“, functional elements like keys, buttons or knobs are color coded with „Lime Green“ to ease interaction.

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