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Clients / Inhouse Design Study

Skills Used / Ideation, Concept Development, 3D CAD Modelling, Visualization

A centrifuge is used in the laboratory environment on a daily basis. Ergonomics, ease of use and an intuitive workflow a crucial to support the user. Besides the functionality, the user tend to identify with his equipment. The better the equipment the better the user – that’s common sense.

So that’s why we chose an interesting high end material mix. The surfaces are clean and shiny, the user interface is made out of a glass touch and the sloped surface invites the user to work with ease.

The major feature of a lab device is its functionality. There is no doubt about it. Product design although is a great tool to distinguish your device from the competition. The sloped surface is a very strong element that is unique in this field. Besides its functionality it literally invites the use to work with this product. The user interface (glass touch) is positioned close by the user to support a stress free workflow. Due to the transparent lid, the operating process can be controlled by the user at a glance.

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