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Clients / System Industrie Electronic

Skills Used / Ideation, Concept Development, 3D CAD Modelling, Visualization

This Ultrasound device addresses the high expectations of these physicians who want more than just a functioning medical product. Besides pure functionality, medical products are also highly representative nowadays. So it’s common sense, that very well designed products make the patient feel good, safe and comfortable. Last but not least can a very well designed product minimize risk and improve the daily workflow.

The formal design elements such as the streamlined shape, the vent openings and the ergonomic handles stand for mobility and flexibility. The overall look and feel reflects the current design zeitgeist. The material mix consisting of glossy white surfaces in combination with stainless steal vent openings give the ultrasound it’s technical touch.

The user interface is easy to recognize due to the black glass surface. The display and the user interface seem to be put of one piece so that it feels like operating out of a cockpit. There are no mecanical parts anymore. The interaction is based on touch and multitouch. This was the device is very durable and easy to clean.

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