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Clients / Sartorius Stedim Biotech Skills Used / Ideation, Concept Development, Design Management

Overstraining your wrist may cause chronically inflammations. For that reason the ergonomic of the remote dispenser was optimized to avoid disorders. This device should support best the lab technician during his everyday work life and ease interaction. The operating hight could be increased up to 70 cm to support single hand use. In addition the hand piece can be taken out to increase your working radius. With an additional hose extension you could increase the radius even up to 3,50 m.

The design of the remote dispenser is timeless and unobtrusive.The goal was to develop a professional tool that will last. The actuation button is color coded in Sartorius yellow. The material (anodized Aluminum and textured plastic) provide a high end and very professional look and feel.

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