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Published on 11.30.2015
A film by Anastasia Bondarenko & Evgenia Bogacheva for MSW
Music: “Dust in the Wind” Cover by Steven C. Anderson
Actors: Uwe Mehner, Sebastian Zott, Melanie Reischl, Olga Kazakova, Antonio Velasco, Natalie Fast, Michael Nikonorov.

Clients / MS Westfalia GmbH

Skills Used / Ideation, Concept Development, Animation, Visualization, Conceptual Engineering

Jenny is a modular all in one medical device to support patients through all phases of intensive care. Jenny will replace three devices: a ventilator, a monitor and a defibrillator. Jenny’s functional range can easily be extended by plugging in additional modules. The units are physically interlocked, talk to each other and link different medical parameter in a meaningful way. The physician will find an intuitive touch panel user interface to modify all settings. This will streamline the whole process, ease interaction and increase patient’s safety. Jenny will support adult, children and neonatal therapy.

Jenny was designed for the rough medical everyday use inside the hospital and outside on the road. The surrounding anthracite bumper will protect the device and the touch screen from impact. The ergonomic handle is color coded orange to be easily seen and recognized. The overall design is unobtrusive yet recognizable so that the device could effortlessly be installed in a patient’s room for long time therapy. An additional feature allows the physician to flip the modules to change the I/O side (connectors etc.) to his desired direction. This will avoid the typical cable clutter.

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