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Clients / Sartorius Stedim Biotech Skills Used / Ideation, Design Management, Surface Modeling, Ergonomics

The FlexAct® trolley was a new development with the goal to find a proper and flexible solution to integrate single use components into the biopharmaceutical process. Single use products gain in importance since they decrease the setup time and the risk of contamination and increase the flexibility of the everyday biopharmaceutical process.

Form follows function. The design of the FlexAct® trolley is highly defined by its functionality. Since there was no predecessor the design development started from scratch with a major focus on the biopharmaceutical process. The design is customizable to meet every customer’s needs. The component configuration can be mirrored – this way you can decide whether the flow direction is from left to right or vice versa. The reconfiguration doesn’t require any tools and can be managed by a single lab technician. The frontside is equipped with a 25 x 10 DIN rail, that is usually used in the medical field. This way Sartorius offers the possibility to add 3rd party products and extend the feature list.

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