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We put the focus on the new development of arium® pro on the improvement of the user experience. In the past, the lab assistant had a hard time to remove the filter cartridges. Now we extended to front door from over the edge to the side, so that the cartridges are highly accessible and easy to exchange. In addition we replaced the conventional user interface by a glass touch display with sliding function. This was the user can easily adjust the right amount of water. The new arium®pro is perceived very positively due to the sum of these new features.

One of the new design feature is the door that provides maximum accessibility to the internal technical components. The cubical design fits best into a laboratory environment using the provided space efficiently. The top of the device comes with a tablet like storage area that allows the user to put down utensils such as pens, documents or gloves. The black display creates a high contrast to the body and is always easy and quick to recognize and operate.

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