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Clients / Hecht International GmbH

Skills Used / Ideation, Concept Development, 3D CAD Modeling, Engineering, Visualization

Your T-bone steak is just right but it takes some time until everybody is seated. Don’t worry. Use the BBQ steam pan to keep your steak warm and juicy – without electricity. Inside the pan sits a granite stone. Put the pan on your grill until the stone is hot. Remove the pan, put your steak on the metal inlay so it won’t touch the stone, close the lid, done. The pan will keep your steak in perfect shape.

Just in case you rather want to have fish or veggies: Put some water in the pan add the inlay to position your food, close the lid and steam you meal until it’s done. And again, move it to the table and be sure the the stone inside will keep your food warm until everybody is done. Enjoy.

“Cazoo” is made out of stainless steel. The wooden handles can easily be removed for cooking or cleaning. Use them to move the pan when it’s hot. The pan comes with a granite stone (to keep the pan warm) a metal separator to keep the food away from the hot stone and a lid which is necessary for steaming.

Manufacture: Hecht International GmbH

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