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Clients / Inhouse Design Study

Skills Used / Contextual Analysis, Concept Development, Surface Modeling

The indoor grill duopro cross comes in handy if you want to grill food directly on your dining room table. The electric grill is easy to use. Plug it in, adjust the temperature, put your food on the die cast aluminum grill and enjoy. The grill is not just easy to use it is also easy to clean. Remove the drawer underneath the heating element and the grill, put it into your dish washer, done. Wipe the stainless steel surface with a cloth, done.

The design of the DUOPRO|cross grill is very timeless and unobtrusive. It is high end and comes with a very professional look and feel to it. The temperature can be adjusted via two small touch areas that indicate the heating level. The grill comes with two integrated handles on both side for an easy storage.

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