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Clients / Welch Allyn

Skills Used / Ideation, Sketching, Concept Development, Surface Modeling, Visualization, Engineering Support

The Welch Allyn ABPM 7100 is an easy-to-use 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor that is designed to avoid the effects of white coat hypertension, take accurate sleep readings, and help you tailor drug therapy regimes to your individual patient’s needs.

It utilizes powerful software to help you to analyze blood pressure readings more effectively in order to diagnose potential patient complications. With all this, the ABPM 7100 can help you enhance blood pressure management for your patients and make monitoring efficient for your practice.

The product design of the ABPM 7100 fits perfectly into the Welch Allyn product portfolio. The design is timeless and unobtrusive. The buttons are positioned in the device’s center for an easy und intuitive operation. The design was developed in close collaboration with the engineering team to ensure the highest manufacturing output in consideration of surface and material quality, assembly tolerances and color fastness.

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