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Brand shaping product design by werk-m

Together with you, we develop product design concepts and solutions that'll excite and convince the user and make your company tangible. Trust is the basis for succesful relationships.

How we work

Succesful design developments require great communication.
We start every design project with questions to understand the scope and get a feeling for the contextual user scenario. We have to understand the user needs and expectations and his every day working routine. In addition we have to learn about our client's goals and understand and respect his expectations.
Our creative design process will be embedded in our client's analytical product development process.
There will be synergy effects due to conversations between marketing, R&D, distribution, engineering and product design.

Werk-m: Case Study For KeyShot Render Software (CA, USA)

Werk-m: case study for KeyShot render software (CA, USA)

Werk-m is using the render software “KeyShot”  from Luxion Inc. throughout the whole design process, from the concept phase to the public relation phase to create high end photorealistic renderings. Alexander Mueller explains in an interview with Luxion Inc. why KeyShot is part of the optimized design workflow and why this is beneficial for his clients.

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