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Brand shaping product design by werk-m

Together with you, we develop product design concepts and solutions that'll excite and convince the user and make your company tangible. Trust is the basis for succesful relationships.

How we work

Succesful design developments require great communication.
We start every design project with questions to understand the scope and get a feeling for the contextual user scenario. We have to understand the user needs and expectations and his every day working routine. In addition we have to learn about our client's goals and understand and respect his expectations.
Our creative design process will be embedded in our client's analytical product development process.
There will be synergy effects due to conversations between marketing, R&D, distribution, engineering and product design.


Reach your goal faster with the right methodology!


Each customer has his very own perspective on the product development process and what kind of design input is required. Tell us what you need and how we can support your development process. Allow us to ask critical questions and provide alternative solutions. This way you can set the right course for success


The best idea the most convincing design and a very beautiful shape are worthless, if they can’t be manufactured. Manufacturable means that it can be manufactured within the requirements and limits of R&D and Marketing. Our design solutions will be tailored to your manufacturing process, if the manufacturing method will have been defined at an early stage. That will save unnecessary correction loops, budget and last but not least your valuable time

Risk Minimization

Every new idea harbors risks and dangers. Minimize the risk by asking your customers in an early concept phase and get quantitive and qualitative feedback. This feedback will help you strengthen your decision and avoid failure.

Added value: Produkt Design

Added value by Product Design results from three levels of experiences. 

Functional level of experience

The customer benefits directly by very well designed products: Ergonomics, usability and intelligent user interface result in a very high user experience and customer satisfaction. 

Aesthetic level of experience

Aesthetics reveals the product’s soul. It is up to you whether the product’s look and feel is friendly, precise, fast or slow, cute or ruggedized. Are the customers men or rather woman? European or Asian? Product Design lets you envision and realize the product your customers want. Product Design is no matter of taste but a matter of Strategy

Contextual level of experience

The product is part of the whole. Advertising, online and trade show presence, architecture, stationery and even the company car influence a company’s brand. Product Design should belong to Marketing from a strategic point of view: The product conveys the company’s values into the real and tangible world.

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